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theofficial_kimkardashian – 1 Month, 99 Posts, Instagram account, 99 blind contour drawings of Kim Kardashian's Instagram posts from Nov. 2014, 2014
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Instagram is a platform that gives us a way to be spectators into celebrities' lives. Rather than seeing invasive paparazzi images, we are allowed a glimpse into their daily activities, which humanizes these godlike creatures and leads us to believe, "Hey, they are just like us." However, we also see the images of them living luxuriously, riding on yachts in the Caribbean and taking selfies with other A-listers at after parties. By looking at an intermingling of the everyday and enthralling, we voyeuristically gaze at these images and imagine ourselves in their place.


By drawing Kim Kardashian's 99 Instagram posts from November, I truly had to examine and look at those images. The format of Instagram forces us to constantly scroll, attempting to look at the most amount of information and take it in at the fastest possible rate. By fixedly looking at each of her images individually, I was able to create my own fantasy of living her life through those 99 images. I mimicked her photos and attempted to replicate her profile. I became more than just kimkardashian. I became theofficial_kimkardashian. However, the blind contour style ultimately disfigured the photos, transforming them to be either amusing or monstrous, thus illustrating the multifaceted effects of celebrity obsession.